Marketing Workshops

A one- or two-day onsite (or virtual) workshop with multiple colleagues focused on your business and marketing strategic and tactical issues. We can develop campaigns, content, or any plans and creatives during this time.

1:1 Marketing Advisor

One-on-one marketing advisor sessions are with business executives on strategic marketing initiatives, marketing goals, value proposition development, marketing plans, staffing, operational, and technology decisions.

Group Marketing Coaching

Executive Group Coaching is perfect for business owners, CEO’s CXO’s, and Entrepreneurs who do not already have a higher level marketing executive on staff, yet needs marketing guidance and direction.

My Value Proposition & Differentiation

I think different. I see patterns & models from my 30 years of marketing and executive experience at companies that span Fortune 200 to startups that help me predict next steps and avoid mistakes.

I also have an extreme drive to help business owners thrive and I spent 4 years coaching CEO’s on positioning their businesses for investment and scalability. All of this means that when you are my client I will leverage all of my experience and insight to guide you, your employees, and your customers toward a mindest of growth and a path of success.

Often during our sessions, my clients will have major breakthroughs and realizations that help them get past roadblocks, and shift to a more profitable result.

I recently helped a CEO come up with a new company name that was relevant to their highest value proposition and acquire a domain name in a crowded field that enabled them to position the company as a market leader in an emerging sector that they can dominate.

I’ve helped over 3,500 businesses in the last decade; I know I can help you too. If you want to read more about my past clients, previous accolades, skills, education, and recommendations, simply visit my LinkedIn profile.

Your Next Step…

If you need me to be a ‘sounding board’, if you have some confusion, are encountering a roadblock, or need to change trajectory, just give me a call and we can chat to see if there is a mutual interest to go further. No obligations and no charge for the session.