Marketing Workshops

Workshops spur decision making, creativity, and execution. We can pack a lot in a few days, and address questions from every department. We can review campaigns, collateral, websites, conversion rates, ads, competitors’ sites and tell you how to beat them on SEO rankings. We can develop content, strategy, automation campaigns, or identify tech that will take your marketing operations to the next level.


Workshops are $1,500 per day on-site, plus travel. Discount applies for virtual workshops.

1:1 Marketing Advisor

Usually, individual Coaching is for CEO’s or other executives who do not have a marketing executive on staff, and do not want to hire a full-time expensive headcount. They really need a sounding board, a trusted resource who can give them advice and help them make decisions on a regular basis. Often these are marketing technology, strategy, competitive, branding, value proposition, long-term, and staffing decisions.


1:1 Marketing Advisor programs are $1,000-$10,000 per month depending on the frequency of calls and the amount of off-call research or consulting work requested.

Group Marketing Coaching

Group coaching is an interactive 90-minute call each week where everyone who has a question gets an opportunity to ask as many as we have time for. In addition, you are not getting only my answers or perspectives, this is a group call so you get the perspective of others in the group, many of whom are experienced marketers who have been through the same issues you have. I also provide email support between calls.


Group Marketing Coaching is $1,000 per month.

Partial List of Topics On Which I Can Discuss, Advise, & Execute


My greatest contribution to a company is the marketing strategy, which guides every other strategic and tactical decision. Marketing Strategy also critically influences everything done in the digital marketing area such as keyword selection and usage, content development and strategy, website content, and Google Ads strategy.

  • Annual and long-term marketing planning and budgeting
  • Brand analysis, evaluation, and strengthening
  • Business goal planning and alignment with strategic objectives
  • Competitive research, awareness, analysis, and assessments
  • Product positioning strengths and opportunities
  • Product branding guidelines, review, and enforcement
  • Building business development and partner relationships
  • Audience segmentation, persona, and demographic development
  • Customer research via user surveys, focus groups, online feedback and listening systems
  • Product launch, management & requirements definition and product feedback
  • System, process, and infrastructure selection, development, and management


Most companies need digital marketing help, and many are severely under-utilizing their online presence for organic and paid lead generation. I’ve been optimizing digital marketing strategies, websites, and lead generation models since 1994, and consider it one of my most powerful skillsets.

  • Design and implement online marketing campaigns
  • Design and implement plan website strategy and architecture
  • Search engine optimization, pay per click and keyword sponsorships
  • Online campaigns, banner creation & ad inventory control
  • Manage media sponsorships of newsletters, webinars, online conferences, events
  • Email messaging, layout and optimization
  • Manage staff who produce website logistics, graphics, search engine optimization, web reporting
  • Barter, link agreements with other websites
  • Online community development
  • Customer acquisition strategy
  • Alignment with sales strategy
  • Online promotions, contests


Related to but different from only digital marketing, marketing automation taps into my sales and revenue laser focus by providing me with data, analytics, and intelligence to be able to make real-time decisions that enable me to optimize the marketing execution and achieve fantastic ROI on marketing spend.


  • Advertising campaigns – national print, online and events
  • Direct Marketing List segmentation, testing, optimization
  • Magazine ad development & placement
  • Response analysis, campaign tracking, ROI
  • Sales conversion optimization
  • Online landing pages, forms generation
  • Email messaging, structure and content for optimal response rates
  • Measurements, surveys and reporting to analyze and optimize the effectiveness of campaigns and message


  • Integration of correct positioning and messaging
  • Writing, editing, final approval of collateral, ad copy, websites, newsletters, white papers, multimedia
  • Art direction, communicating marketing needs to guide the creative process
  • Sales tool development, PowerPoint presentation templates, interactive CDs, training intranets
  • Manage production of collateral design, graphics, packaging
  • Manage production of tradeshow logistics, promotions, signage, and staffing
  • Manage production of press releases, manage agency relationship
  • Manage PR agency
  • Building good relationships with press, producers, reporters, radio personalities, bloggers
  • Identifying and building good relationships with industry Analysts
  • Work closely with market analysts for positive coverage


  • Strategic web planning and network architecture
  • E-Commerce management and optimization
  • Content Management, personalization, retention tactics
  • Usability, navigation analysis, look and feel design
  • Website traffic analysis using Google Analytics, Accrue, Web Trends


  • Management of Marketing databases
  • Definition and enforcement of lead qualification criteria
  • Plan and oversee integration of Marketing Automation system with CRM system
  • Lead generation infrastructure build-out
  • Campaign reporting system, Pipeline reporting
  • Manage Channel Marketing program
  • Vendor & Agency management
  • Budget management, Partner co-op funding


  • Develop and manage user interactive applications
  • Internet, intranet website application development
  • News feed content syndication application
  • Workflow, process management applications
  • Advertising opportunity reporting functionality


  • Recruiting, interviewing candidates
  • Team building, collaboration, consensus-building
  • Management of creative staff
  • Delegation, empowerment
  • Networking, relationship building
  • Performance evaluations and feedback
  • Conflict resolution

Your Next Step…

Schedule a discovery call and let me help you address any current issues or challenges you have. I’m happy to provide my perspective, and if you find it helps, we can discuss the program you are more interested in.